Polyurethane Floor Application

How to Apply Polyurethane Floor? 

First of all, two-component rubber adhesive is applied to the floor, which is cleared of all kinds of dirt, dust and moisture.

After the adhesive is applied, 8 mm thick SBR roll material is laid on the floor. The resulting black granules are filled on the layer with a pore-filling material called sealer.
A polyurethane layer is created on the sealer layer with a thickness of 2mm, in other words, using 2.50kg of polyurethane per square meter.
Following the drying of the polyurethane layer, polyurethane-based, eye-friendly, matte top coat paint is applied.
After the last coat of paint dries, the desired playing lines are drawn and the field is ready for use.
This system, which is used in indoor gyms, has absolutely no joints and provides a completely solid finish on the floor. The fact that it is very easy to clean and is hygienic are among the reasons why this system is preferred. In addition, other advantageous and useful aspects of the system are its suitability for all branches of ball playing, its lack of muscle fatigue and its longevity.

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