Acrylic Floor Application

Acrylic Floor Application
The cured asphalt surface is cleaned and cleaned from dust and foreign materials. Resurfacer layer is applied to close the pores on the surface. Optionally, Cushion layer is applied to give flexibility to the floor. Two layers of Acrylic paint are applied on the layer. The desired game lines are drawn on the acrylic floor and the field is made ready for use.
 Acrylic Resurfacer (Filler): It is a 100% acrylic latex based filling material. It is applied as a filling layer of the pores and light cracks on the ground to be applied. It is mixed with a certain amount of water and sand to make it applicable to the floor.
Cushion (flexible layer): It is a 100% acrylic latex based flexible layer material with special powder rubber filling. It gives flexibility to the floor thanks to the special rubbers in it. It is applied directly in its pure form after the resurfacer layer. Suitable for tennis courts.
Acrylic Color Solid: It is a 100% acrylic latex based top coat paint material with silica sand. It is resistant to all weather conditions and sun rays (UV). It is applied by mixing with water at a certain ratio. It respects the environment and nature and is not classified as hazardous.
STANDARD SYSTEM (application area: tennis courts and multipurpose sports fields (basketball, volleyball…)
Resurfacer (filling coat) 1 Coat
Topcoat (color coat) 2 Coats
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